Poll: what do you think changed Avenged Sevenfolds sound between WTF and COE?
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View poll results: what do you think changed Avenged Sevenfolds sound between WTF and COE?
shadows losing screaming ability
4 16%
Musical Growth
9 36%
Synyster Gates' influence since joing the band
7 28%
Commercial Success
5 20%
Voters: 25.
as part of my college project i need to find out:

How have Avenged Sevenfolds’ (A7X) songwriting developed since the ‘Waking the Fallen’ album to the ‘City of Evil’ album, concentrating on what factors inside and outside the band influenced a new sound direction.

any comments will be greatly appreciated.
They're still shit either way. Hardcore forum btw

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They're still shit either way. Hardcore forum btw

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It was as much to do with the production on City of Evil rather than Waking the Fallen. On 'All Excess' they talk about how Mudrock improved the bands ability to write and arrange songs when they were recording Waking the Fallen.

I don't believe commercial success/the growth of their fanbase is why they've changed, they just don't want to be putting out the same music for every album.
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I think it's just cause they wanted to try a new sound and didn't want to have the same thing in every album. and i don't see why people call them metal poseurs when they're not even trying to be metal.
Lots less screams, more focus on melody.
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Synyster's joining caused all of the above effects.
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Yeah, their sound has definitely changed from album to album. I think its mainly due to shadows losing his scream and then the band having to adapt to that with a different style. But this changing only made them better musicians and writers.