Are you talking about the part where he's chicken picking (using both his pick and his middle finger to pluck the strings)?
You've read it, you can't un-read it!
He's chicken picking? Hrmm that must be it then, hybrid picking yes? How would you hybrid pick that riff?
If you're talking about the part at around 0:45,

It sounds to me like he's doing something like this:


The chicken picking happens at the beginning of that lick. Play the B on the A string (2nd fret) using your plectrum and play the notes on the D string with your middle finger.

You should aim for a fluent motion where your alternating between your finger and the pick. Make sure to space the notes evenly; otherwise it won't have that nice rhythmic feel to it (it might even start sounding like you're playing chords rather than individual notes).

Two tips:

- if you're having trouble with this, use your thumb instead of your pick.

-isolate a small section and practice that separately to get used to the technique:

You've read it, you can't un-read it!
I think you tabbed it wrong, Yeah if you listen to the recording of the song it's the first thing you'll hear, it's also palm muted. I believe it alternates with the B kind of like a pedal tone as you tabbed.

Try it with an open D palm muted twice after the B then the G and F# on the D string. Also when my middle finger is doing the picking it sounds like it's scratching the string with my nail.


It's the opening riff yea
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Holy **** I listened to your alternate picking on your profile, your ****ing good haha