I have one of those cheap little RP50 pedals by Digitech and I was curious about how I might get the most out of it. I am running it through an Ibanez S370 guitar and a GX900H Crate head with Marshall 412 cab. My question is whether it would be better to use the the distortion amp models on the pedal or whether I should use my amps distortion and then dial in a little reverb or chorus or delay, etc over top. Combining distoritions is probably not an option, but if you've had success with this, I'd be interested.

It is probably relevant that I am mostly interested in obtaining "heavy" sounding metal sounds -- everything from Sabbath and Priest to Metallica, Cannibal Corpse and Bloodbath.

Also, I'm not necessarily looking for "turn this knob to that setting" kind of answers (but I'll take 'em) -- I'm actually interested in learning something here, so if anyone knows a good web article or book that I should read, I'd appreciate it.
Usually with chorus, delay, phaser, reverb you want em in the loop after the distortion. Theres no 1 this is the best way. If you do alot of FX changing and change your distortion alot then use the pedal. If you stick with 1 distortion see if you can get if from the amp and put the pedal in the loop. The digitech multiFX are not known for being great tone machines.
You have to customize the effects on the digitech to get good sounds from them. Pick one of the presets that sound ok and then take some time and play around with it, changing various levels til you get where you want to be. I have changeg most of the 40 on mine in some way or another. the easiest way to improve the crunch is to modify the amp mode. the dispaly will give you a letter and a # the letter identifies the amp type (check the booklet to see what each is. The # represents the gain level. The higher the # the more gain you get. then add all your other effects to that mod.
Like I said it will take some time messing around with it to get where you want but in the end you will be pleasantly suprised.
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I own an RP-series, and I'll just warn you, the controls are fairly convuluted for how simple it's supposed to be, and it really doesn't sound too great. But for figuring out what you like, which is what I'm guessing your'e trying to do from what you're saying, the multi-FX is good.
If you set the gain low enough on each distortion, both on the amp and the FX, it will work, and if you find the right spot, it can sound pretty good. But test it first. You can always decide you do or don't like it.
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I have one of those cheap little RP50 pedals by Digitech and I was curious about how I might get the most out of it.

Smash it to bits and get a Boss MT-2
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^ Agreed, but chill down on the metal way of getting rid of it.
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