does anyone have experience with these cabs?

i'm looking for something to complement my rocker 30 head...i realize that the open back is 75% closed back...

but which is better?

i'd be happy being able to hear myself clearly (something not directional) however i also want to make sure that the right thump stays with the sound...

last question would be...what speakers would you recommend?
The open back cab will fill out the room better, but will lack some of the punch of the closed back cab. The closed back cab will be more focused and directional.

If you have a Rocker 30, get the Contemporary series 2x12 (which is a closed back) with Hellatone 60's (which are just V30's that don't need a break in period), it's an almost exact replica of the Orange 2x12 so you don't have to worry about not having the "right thump".
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Depends on what you plan to play thru the amp. Cleans, blues, classic rock do good with open backs. But if you gonna do alot of metal go with the closed. The closed back will change how it sounds in different places in the room where an open back wont change. I have a 2 amps in stereo 1 is open the other is closed. There are a few sweet spots where you can hear the closed back but most other spots the open back overpowers it.
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