So im currently learning avenged sevenfold's bat country solo-im almost done with the first part but something is driving me crazy-thats the fast ending before sweep and im practiciting it since well,few days and im getting more annoyed everyday because it seems im still not fast enough and even when i play it without worrying that it doesnt sound great im still like in 3/4 of the ending when the sweep starts >.>
when i look at a video of synyster playing it he seems to play it a bit other way(fingering i mean)heres the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1LBM9K3j0s
could someone who actually can play it confirm if the ending is correct and i just should keep practicing or correct the tab? (i dont really think im that slow-the only mistake i could be doing is fingering but i doubt theres faster way to play it than im doing now)


the part i mean starts here

i looks correct on the video
and for the tab
just keep working at it you'll get it if you keep practicing it

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