Can the simple mods that I have seen discussed in such threads as the valveking thread where a small patch cable is run thro the effects loop or where a dummy jack is used in one of the inputs clean up the sound on any amp a bit? Or are there specific reasons why someone would do this on one amp in particular?
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^They are simple and effective. Every amp has it's quirks and tricks. The 'dummy jack' trick is not specific to the Valveking. It's been done before. I hear it works in other amps too where there are multiple Insert Jacks. The old Marshall Plexi's had 4 Insert Jacks for example and there are all kinds of crazy combinations of things you can do.

Basically it bridges two different signal paths into one. The interesting thing about the Valveking is that if you use both Insert jacks it is supposed to 'dumb down' to the lower output path. It actually does the opposite and cleans up some of the muddiness in this amp in particular.

Same with the effects loop trick. Doesn't work in all amps and you won't hurt anything by trying it soooooooooo................it just depends.
As 311 said, it all depends on your amp. I've tried both the dummy jack trick and bridging the effects loop on my Classic 50 and it hasn't done anything.


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