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The Prélude is in the key of F, tempo rubato. It is full of dynamic contrasts with a vigorous beginning and ending. The second movement is entitled Menuet, as in the Baroque suite form. Its playful main theme contrasts with an alternatively mysterious and dramatic middle section. It is followed by the famous Clair de lune (Moonlight), played mostly pianissimo. The final movement is Passepied in F-sharp minor, allegretto ma non troppo; it is again playful and ends quietly.

The first three movements include a common motif:
Prélude - F - E - F - E - D (bar 11)
Menuet - G - F - G - F - E (bar 6)
Clair de lune - F - E flat - F - E flat - D flat (bars 1-2) ---- (D Flat major if you couldn't work it out)
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