Hi again UG,
*I know there is another active thread where someone is asking about Machine Heads in the EG forum at the moment but it doesn't cover my question*

I was fitting some new strings the other day when I found that a washer underneath the bolt was lose, I tightened them all up and one bolt snapped in the middle and is stuck inside the tuner (hard to explain)

I need to buy a new one but I can only find sets of them, and I don't really want to spend to much on them as im saving for a new guitar but I also don't want it going out of tune every 5 minutes, so how much should I expect to pay for a reasonable set?

I have a Westfeild E1000 (Strat Copy ) if it helps,

Thanks in advance!
For a decent set? Probably a hundred quid. I think you can get a set of Grover locking tuners at AllParts for only $100.
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Those would work well, but don't forget that you get what you pay for with these kinds of things, so don't expect miraculous results.

If you find something to order off www.allparts.com , then you could PM a user on here named LPaddict, he gets a 10-15% discount off allparts for UGers
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Go hit up a few guitar techs till you find one with some spare parts.

Especially if you're just hanging onto the guitar till you get a new one.