I don't understand the whole endorsement thing, really. If you're a bass player endorsed by a specific company (and for the purposes of this example just the bass guitar, not amps or anything else), can you ONLY use that company's basses when you play live and record? While that would be cool to be endorsed, I would be bummed if I couldn't play other basses from other companies because of an obligation. So how do endorsements work, and are they different with each company?
You probably could use different basses, but if you use different basses more than the ones that are made by the company that is endorsing you live, then I'd expect them to be unhappy about it. Remember, if you endorsed by a company, they expect you to be throwing out praises for the product left right and centre.
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you can use whatever you want in the studio as long as you mention the company name in the credits. and you can use different basses live but you should play your endorsed product the most. take flea for example. he has a modulus deal but still frequently plays fenders and musicmans. I am hopefully getting a deal this summer at the NAMM show.
Usually when you're endorsed by a company is because you have been using their material. The diference is that you're payd to play with it once that you have a contract. And if your endorsed by a company, I'm sure you will have many many goodies on their custom shops
You can use other gear, as long as your endorsed company is what you use most, as everyone else said. Plus, most people who get endorsed, seem to stand by the company anyway, so it doesnt seem to bother them that they are 'supposed' to use other companies, because they have made their choice already.
There's an interesting thread along these same lines, here , and somewhere in there is an explanation of how the deals usually work.

Apparently, while you don't get free stuff, you do get a discount, proportional to how valuable you are the company. Too bad, it dashed my dreams of unlimited jazzes and schecter C-4's...
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Oh I think I get it now. That would make sense if a person actually loved the company they were endorsed by. It's just that I'm an all-around guy and I can't see myself limiting my choices to one company.

Also, I think I heard somewhere that some companies give you free gear, but most only give discounts and some don't even pay you. It's still cool, though, especially with custom shop deals.