I have posted this question in the Bugera users militia thread.... but i figured i would make it it's own thread as im sure this could apply for any amp.....

i own the bugera 6262 half stack with the hbk cab

all of the EQ controls on the amp don't seem to do anything... well they do but its like they max out before they hit 10...

anyway here is the issues....

say for example on the lead channel i turn the bass to 0. no bass. i start hitting the low E and slowly turning up the bass.. the bass increases..... untill suddenly it stops.. and its only at 4... there is still ALOT more sweep left on the knob and i can continue turning it.. but nothing happens. the only 2 controls that work for their full sweep are the treble and gain on the lead channel

with presence nothing happens when i turn it.. then all of a sudden when it hits 7 theres a HUGE trebble boost

the gain control for the clean channel doesn't do much with the crunch on or off.....
i can get a little gain.. but after about 4.. the bass just increases and not the gain

and the Eq's on the clean channel dont seem to do anything at all no matter how much i turn them......

there is also alot of noise with any ammount of distortion.

i did hear this weird metallic industrial sound comming from the amp once or twice.. but it was only for a second.. i can't really discribe the sound... it happend once when i plam muted.. then a few seconds later it happend again maybe that was a tube failing??????

im gonna go check for loose tubes....... i really really love this amp i just don't know whats wrong.. maybe nothing is wrong at all..... i really really hope these issue can be resolved... i hope its just a loose tube.. or pre-amp tubes needing replacement

also i am useing a planet waves cable .. that is shielded .. and has signal flow directions on it for a speaker cable... could this be not letting the EQ's do what they are supposed to??
there is also a weird poping noise every so often while I play on all channels.. ive tried many different cables so i know its not that....
Sounds like typical shotty work done by Bugera.. Send it off for warranty work or a tech. Something was probably soldered poorly and its messing up the eq and affecting other things.
take it to an amp tech with 200 bucks, and youll probly have a better amp after you leave it over the weekend.

i say tell the guy to change out the pots for something a little bit higher quality.