I'm looking for a PAF sounding humbucker with a little more output, and I like the sound of Burstbucker Pros, but they are a bit pricey. Are they worth the price, or should I go for a different set of PAF-style humbuckers?
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If you're planning to spend a fair bit, I recommend a set of Bare Knuckles, maybe the 'Black Dog'. Don't get me wrong, the Burstbuckers are fine, but they're ludicrously overpriced thanks to the Gibson name.

Best bet is to try the cheap, decent online pickup companies like Guitarfetish(GFS) or Tonerider.

If you can't buy on the internet, the big names have some good offerings ( Dimarzio PAF Pro, SD Seth Lover or '59) but as always you're paying extra for the name with these.
If you can stand to wait for them I'd suggest calling up Jeff who builds HighOrder Pickups. His bread and butter are hot PAF type pickups.
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Hot PAF wise the world is your oyster.
A Duncan Custom 5 or DiMarzio AT-1 would both be solid choices. The DiMarzio has a rounder tone where the Custom 5 is grainier.
Duncan do two slightly hotter than vintage pickups, the Pearly Gates and the Screamin' Demon. They're more focused and fatter in the midrange than a PAF but they're great pickups. The Demon has "growl" where the PG has "bite."
If you have more money then the Bare Knuckle Emerald would be my pick for a hot PAF every time. Maybe a Holy Diver if you want more output, but it's a lot thicker than a regular PAF.

Edit: also look at a DiMarzio PAF Pro or PAF Joe. Both very very good hot PAFs. The Joe is rounder and more vintage than the Pro, which has more of a modern edge. A Pro in the bridge with a Joe in the neck would actually be pretty good. They're quite sharply voiced but that'd sound good in your PRS.
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Burstbucker Pro's are great if you like bright pickups with a lot of output. It might get you used to playing with the tone knob on your guitar.