An EP is coming out in this March featuring Ostitto(Bangladesh) and Chromatic Massacre(Bangladesh). Our Salutes attend those freedom fighters, who embraced hallowed martyrdom for championing the cause of our motherland. Let us all renew our pledges with solidarity"for a beautiful tomorrow". There will be a total of five tracks in this EP. The track list is,

1) Perishment: The Bringer of Purity
2) We Mourn

:::Chromatic Massacre:::
1) Rayerbazar
2) Chautraak
3) Inner Holocaust

As a son of Bengali parents, this seems pretty interesting (though I still can't get over growling vocals).
Josh Homme writes the greatest lyrics EVAR:
"I wish we could get away
Drink wine and screw"

"Nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy, and alcohol

"I wanna lick you too much"

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