So I just went out to Guitar Center and picked up an Ibanez Bass Guitar Jumpstart pack. I got the Bass, the amp, a strap...all sorts of goodies. I've been playing around learning a few basslines from songs where the bass is more proficient than the guitar (Another One Bites the Dust, Feelgood Inc., My Sharona, etc.) and those have been relatively easy to get the hang of.

But for other songs, I'm wondering if there's a website/program that will allow me to download/listen to ONLY the bass tracks for songs so I can figure out how it's supposed to sound when I play it. I tend to learn better when I have a demonstration of the proper way to do things sitting right in front of me so this would be a major help.

Also, I'm wondering if I can find the exact opposite. If there is some way I can download backing music (Every instrument except the bass playing) to play along with, that would be great too.

Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks.
hmmm, i could do with some of that..
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Actually, you might try http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com

It's a site for guitar players, but most of the songs have bass & drums only so you can hear what the bass is doing as well. I turned our bass player on to it and I use it when I'm wanting to put down my guitar and learn some bass stuff.
tuxguitar - it's a program that you can open up power tabs and guitar pro tabs for free... then in the program you can listen to only the bassline with the tab.

another good way to learn is type in "(song title) bass cover"

as for backing tracks, probably wont find it... get a band together and play with them
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You can always just turn up or down the Bass and Treble settings on your speakers for certain mixes of all-bass or backing tracks. It's not 100% effective but it's not awful. Good luck.
Thanks for the tips

And I would try to get a band together, but it's a bit difficult when you truly have no idea what you're supposed to be doing with your instrument. Lol.
I think it can be good practice to get your ears used to listening for bass, so you can find it in the mix and understand its place. Although, I find bass covers on youtube to be helpful when I can't make out bass.
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check out the program 'guitar pro 5' you can do exactly what you said with ALOT more features. however it costs money.