I am playing the song "surrender" by Less than Jake (originally by someone else...) and it is just powerchords, all the way through, and this is only my third gig, so i'm not used to standing up.

My wrist hurts like hell whenever I try and play it standing, so I need to review my handling technique.

Where should my thumb be on the neck?

What angle should my wrist be at?

Please give me some tips on how to finger these chords!
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More to the point, hold it however feels comfortable.
If it still hurts, you may just need to get used to it. I remember when I first started playing, playing powerchords for a while hurt like hell.
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Yea crank your guitar up to a higher point on your body and then lower it down gradually until you find your comfort zone and if your experiencing pain in your wrist and your guitars too low but you can't stop to raise it up put your foot on a stage moniter or something not only does it look cool sparingly it gives your wrist a bit of a break until you come back down
How are you playing the power chords? I'm assuming like a barre chord? Yeah, if its that then just raise your guitar a bit.

I play power chords with the 1st finger and barring the rest with the 4th finger, that way, I can sort of wrap my hand around the neck, have my thumb extend way out. For me, doing it that way allows me to play power chords forever without getting tired.
You don't say how long you've been playing guitar, but you've identified part of your problem in your original message... "this is only my third gig, so i'm not used to standing up". Most non-gigging guitar players probably don't practice playing while standing up. I know when I started gigging heavily it was more difficult to play songs simply because you don't have the same leverage with your fret hand as you do when you're sitting down. So, practice, practice, practice standing up while you're playing.

As far as hand position goes on the neck, that's really player's choice. The way a guitarist holds and moves his fret hand up and down the neck is going to vary widely. I think only you can fix this problem. Try different variations until you find something that isn't so uncomfortable after playing the song a while. My guess is that if you practice standing up then after a while the pain will subside because your hand will get used to it.
Thumb on back of neck. Use it as a lever to get best pressure on the strings for the least effort. Have the neck high enough up to be comfortable (never mind how it looks - it's your hand), even if you insist on having the body just above your knee. The guitar was designed for playing seated.
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