So I've more or less finished this track for now. Its called Running Dogs and you can find it on my profile.

Caveat follows :p
-The ending is a little shoddy, I think I'm gonna replace the stop/start bit with something a bit less anti-climactic at some stage.
-Drums are only a bunch of samples that come with the drumming plugin... they are just a placeholder really, Ideally I'll get someone to drum for real eventually. Either that or I'll go back and program my own.
-Bass is not as rich as I'd like it to be... Its the ****ty synth that comes with Reaper, so when I get my hands on a better vst i'll redo that as well!

So anyway, I'd really love if you guys could give it a listen and let me know what you think. If you fancy listening to any of the other tracks on there that'd be awesome too!

Crit for Crit!

ps. I'm pushing it now but... I'm thinking of calling my project (as well as this track( Running Dogs, what do you think?
Thats pretty rad man! I like the name running dogs, thats a keeper.

Either the drums, or the whole stereo bus sounds like its distorting?

I can't actually hear a bass at all, just a guitar and kit.

Sweet jam though. end sounds fine if you ask me.

Timing might be improved a bit though, when it goes off it distracts from the song (which is wicked).
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Ok, first off, it's never ONLY rock n roll no matter what Mick said!

Now to crit:
There's concept and execution in rock n roll. It sounds like you have a groovy place to go here with the track, but you're having trouble actually getting your ass there.

Yep, a lot of it will be what hampers many of us: crappy or lack of equipment, production skills, etc. Hey, if you're not a drummer and you don't have one, what can you do?

But the guitar playing itself could be done a lot better. I think with some practice and what I call "mindfulness" of what you're playing (something I've worked on) you can get it to the point where it's crisp and dead on.

THEN you'll have something sweet, I think.

P.S. As to what willieturnip said, I think it's just the drums that are distorted. The guitar sounds clear to me.

    All I know is that your tone is GREAT.
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    Willie: Thanks! I think 'Running Dogs' is here to stay then.

    I've adjusted the song and re-uploaded it, i think the mix is slightly better now.

    - Yeah the drums were definitely distorting, i'd accidentally switched on some FX on that track that wasn't meant to be there. I think they're a little far back now though....
    - I've removed the bass completely now cos I think it was just muddying up the mix.

    Sugapablo, thanks for your comments. Yeah I'm constantly held back by my playing and production skills!! Writing and recording stuff is basically how I'm attempting to improve.
    I think I know what you're saying about mindfulness, I'm interested if you think the playing is uniformly poor throughout, or if there are sections better than others? It was recorded in bits over a few weeks, so some days i wasn't really feeling it as much as others and I think that shows unfortunately.

    Steve, Cheers pal
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    hey, thanks for the comment on "End of the World", yeah the drums i normally record with weren't doing to great with the song so i just used a drum machine instead lol

    but i just listened to "running dogs" and you have some nice ideas in there, although i would change your tone for the lead guitar or play it in a different octave because it seems to clash with the rythum too much