Sorry if this question is asked repeatedly, but what's the easiest way to up the speed on a metronome? For example, I can comfortably warm up to say, 120 Quarter notes, but I can't do 60 Eighths. I can't focus on the metronome's clicking and playing at the same time, any advice?
Maybe you should try the eights at a lower speed.

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How well do you know what you're trying to play with a metronome? Do you know the note sequence for that lick/riff etc. well? There's not really much point trying to play it faster if you don't know it yet.

Try listening to the metronome's tempo for a bit without playing to get the rhythm in your head, once you get used to the rhythmic ticking of it it shouldn't be too hard to play along too. Also, maybe turn the volume up, if it's louder and more persistent than what you're playing you might find it easier