I'm really interested in a ESP LTD PB-500, the one with the Seymour Duncans rather than EMG pups. Although I can't seem to find many places that sell the guitar, I'm in the UK and I know of one online shop that sells them at a reasonable price but they're at the other end of the country so not easy to go and look at it

Has anyone played/seen one of these to get some idea of what it's like as a guitar? build quality/sound, decent enough tuning heads etc? I'm not sure if it's even current as there's no PB 500s that I can see on the site, but there's barely any reviews or info on it either..! never seemed to have had this issue before..

Anyway, if anyone has played one and can give me some insight of what they think of it I'd very much appreciate it.

I'd take this to the electric guitar thread, you'll get a lot more answer's there buddy.

The PB-500 has been replaced by the PB-401, they are the same guitars but upgraded a bit.

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Whoops, yeah good thinking. If I can work out how to move my thread.. I just assumed gear to include all gear

But that'll explain why the others are there instead, I think the lesser-number confused me a little.. but I guess it doesn't have to be progressive.. Cheers