is what I need...

Anyone got any reccomendations on true heavy funk bands?
erm ... faith no more? chilis original stuff was kinda metal funk
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My band. I'll let you know when we've actually recorded something cause, "Dirty, grungy, heavy funk" would describe our style perfectly.
Primus' first 2-3 albums were basically thrashy-funk with vocals from the residents.

mudvayne's L.D. 50 has a significant amount of funkier slap-riffs, with essentially jazz-fusion drums, but that's more metal with funk-jazz influence.

if it's straight funk you want, you can't beat marcus miller's solo stuff in my book.
if you're looking for more old-school type funk that's heavy and dirty check out this:

some people may recognize this as it was sampled by Daft Punk; either way, its got an awesome guitar line and its overall a good song
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older Galactic
The Invaders
70's James Brown
The Meters
Sly & The Family Stone

just to get you started.
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is what I need...

Anyone got any reccomendations on true heavy funk bands?

True heavy funk? Like 70s (aka real) funk?

Funkadelic is all you need. And Parliament, but those two go hand in hand.
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