So I recently started playing bass (about a month) and well lately I have been waking up in the morning and finding that my hand is asleep...well atleast a similar feeling

It usually "wakes" up pretty quickly except for my ring finger. It wont wake up unless I keep my hand in a certain position for a pretty decent length of time. Maybe 5-10 min. It hasnt been too bad, until today. I woke up, thought wtf as I usually do then i went to go get my breakfast and my entire forearm was hurting if I tried to lift any thing. I had trouble putting the jug of milk back in my fridge

I noticed that my ring finger would start falling asleep while playing guitar hero last sunday. So I thought I narrowed it down to when my finger stays bent, it will fall asleep and so whenever I straightened it it would wake up. Today I had to keep my finger somewhat bent (not completely straight but not fully bent) in order to wake it up.

Wtf? I've always had a little (and I do mean little) wrist pain while playing guitar but I have never had a problem where my hand/finger goes to sleep.

All day today it felt like my finger could go to sleep any minute whenever it was bent.

Does anyone else have a similar problem? or know what the hell is wrong with me :/
My wrist might hurt some after doing some finger exercises on guitar, but I have never had anything like that happen to me.

You might want to consider seeing a doctor, as that does not sound normal.
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hey bro, it's called carpal tunnel syndrome. It's because you're playing it in a way that you're bending your wrist bit too much, and thus squeezing the veins in your wrist, thus inflamming them or something.. i forgot how everything happens exactly.. i used to have it.. it all comes down to how you're bending your wrist when playing...


research it more
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Does your hand/fingers hurt? Maybe you just played too much. Or you should go to a doctor.

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You're sleeping on your arm in such a way that it cuts circulation to it, thus causing the nerves to miss the signals sent by the brain and act randomly. This is what causes the 'sleeping limb' sensation.

Don't lay on your arm.

Or it's carpal tunnel from the excess tension/angle in your wrist while you're playing. Always use correct posture.

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This is why I'm against the game guitar hero. People who haven't done any research on the injurys you can get on the guitar can get the SAME injurys from playing guitar hero. Carpal Tunnel and tendonitis can come from tension and an akwardly bent wrist. Guitar hero definately could be causeing your problems. Nonetheless, go see a doctor.
The carpal tunnel syndrome crossed my mind as well, it's probably the reason.
If you have a pain, stop playing and see your doctor.
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So I checked my wrist position and it is indeed bent, but no matter how I play it is always bent pretty far. Whether I am sitting or standing. Even with my strap as short as it goes my wrist is still bent.

I am a very small person, 5'4" and my hands are danty and small like a little girl. (seriously they are smooth as butter) In order to reach any fret I need to bend my wrist somewhat far
If you lay your wrist with your palm facing the ceiling and bend it back towards you, that's not bad and is considered good fretting technique. However, if you bend the back of your hand towards you, it could be causing this problem of yours. Definately see a doctor and, if you bend your wrist the wrong way, change your style so it's either straight, or with your palm bent towards you.
I dont understand what you mean by that :/

I got if you bend your wrist back towards you (so fingers pointing at me, palm side up) thats good, then I got if you bend the back of the hand towards me (same thing?) thats bad? maybe the wrist part is good, but entire hand is bad? Can you elaborate more. I cant imagine playing with a straight wrist...
dude, I hate to break it to you, but If it keeps up, your gonna have to keep your wrist in a splint for a while, maybe a week or two.
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dude, I hate to break it to you, but If it keeps up, your gonna have to keep your wrist in a splint for a while, maybe a week or two.

All I have is an irritated nerve in my wrist and I have to wear a splint for two weeks. If it's carpal tunnel or tendonitis, it could be more like a month or two.

P.S. Now that the forums are fixed - except for The Pit :p - I'll see if I can get some pics up of wht I mean by the wrist thing. It's a difficult thing to explain online.

Also, you need to see a doctor ASAP. Please, for your own good, make an appointment for the closest time that they can get you in. I'm almost certain that if I had gotten into the doctor when I first felt the (very slight) pain in my wrist that I could've saved myself from wearing a wrist splint.
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well. I've had some wrist pain whenever I would play on lower frets (before I even started bass) but it only hurt for a second though. but yeah, never had my fingers go numb. I played a little today, bass while standing up wasnt bad, it didnt go numb until like 5 minutes later lol. Guitar (while sitting) went numb as soon as I started playing chords that required my ring finger.
Your wrist shouldn't really be bent either way - check the posture vid in my sig.

It definately sounds like you've developed some kind of RSI. Stop playing immediately, don't play guitar or GH until you see a doctor.

I'm 100% serious.
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Your wrist shouldn't really be bent either way - check the posture vid in my sig.

I play with my thumb behind the neck - like many shredders do - and I find that it's almost impossible not to bend my wrist. I've always been taught, from books, movies, and the few lessons I took, that you should have your wrist bent with your palm towards you because you can reach further. Plus, it feels much more comfortable.
^ yeah, certainly bent towards rather than away from you, but it shouldn't be bent for longer than necessary to reach the low strings. Bent wrists are a common cause of RSIs because they increase the friction between the bones and tendons in the wrist as well as messing with blood flow.

A little bend is ok, but to have your wrist constantly bent is disaster waiting to happen.
^^^ I was gonna say, theres just some things that I cant play without bending my wrist.

I guess I bend my wrists a lot more than i should but after looking at my self play I really dont bend TOO much except for when I hit the lower frets/lower strings, and most of the time its not really bent too much. I think my main problem is that the types of songs I play require a lot of bending.

The only bass songs that I have really been playing are ones that I have made up and rhcp bass lines. A lot of the riffs require me to bend my wrist (remember, my fingers are tiny) for long periods of time such as higher ground, dani california, etc. (basically the songs that require me to play a low and high notes in succesion). I tried keeping my wrist straight but the only way to do is is if I push my shoulder down and my elbow/forearm out and around the neck which is extremely uncomfortable :/
I cant figure out any possible ways to keep my wrist straight. No matter what I do (strap adjustments, sitting down, standing etc) my wrist can never be completely straight. It is always a little bent