Just purchased a Schecter Damien FR and it came in the mail, perfectly setup. Forgot to get a case. I've read bad reviews about the schecter cases on musicians friend, i'm wondering if anyone has experience with these cases, and if anyone has reccomendations for a good case to protect my new guitar.

I heard that the coffin style cases are good, but i dunno....this guitar is black and has bats on the fretboard...i think it just seems a little too goth for my style to house it in a coffin, all vampire style. Kinda cheese, imho.
I have a 7FR and the case i got for it seems fine, pretty lightweight (lighter than my 6). The locks seem kinda cheesy but they do the job and the inside is nice and snug with pockets for other junk you might have

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Gator makes a cool every-shape guitar case.
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whats a good case for a Dean Razorback? I need to know ASAP cuz i will be purchasing one very very soon