I'm looking for buy a guitar before I head off to college, and I've narrowed my choices down quite a bit. Now I'm just looking for a little input from UG. Here is what I've got so far:

Hagstrom Ultra Swede Flame
PRS SE Single Cut
Agile AL-2900

So what is everyone's opinions on those 3 guitars? The PRS is a little more than the rest, but is the price difference justified?
If you're willing to spend the extra bit I'd go for the PRS. The quality won't match a high end PRS but they hold their guitars to a very high standard and it'd be a fine choice.

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Good idea, but I think it's too late. Didn't see an option for a poll on the edit page.
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ya might be too late tho
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I personally didn't like the flatness of the PRS.
Hagstroms are great. I have a $250 Agile that I can't put down, so look into the Agiles....the Agile Guitar Forum is a good community, too.
Agile. do it. N O W !
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I ordered the Agile AL-2900 on Monday. Thanks for the responses.
Good man. Agile i would think is the best outta the 3
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As long as you choose what suits you will be fine. The PRS SE Singlecut was exactly what I was looking for and I am glad I bought it.