Poll: How many alcohol units does it take you to get drunk?
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16 10%
20 12%
20 12%
21 13%
90 54%
Voters: 167.
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Quote by dgme92
More than 8 anyway. I never took it into consideration before, but reading what qualifies as a unit in posts below, it'd be more than 8.

Yeah, I came in here expecting one unit to be the equivalent to a can of beer and/or a shot of an 80 proof spirit.

I'd say it takes me about 4-6 beers to get "tipsy" and then after a few more I get a good buzz going.

To get drunk to the point where I can't form a coherent sentence in my mind let alone trying to coordinate my motor skills to communicate is probably far greater than that. I've only really been that drunk once or twice.
Hmmmm...... Well Define drunk! If you mean like Coma'd out on a Tractor tyre & waking up in a random shed the next morning thinking "How the **** did I get here?" then finding a bunch of embarising photos on Facebook a week later then I'd say a carton of Jim Beam cans (24-pack) & a 375ml bottle of Jim Beam Strait & 3 Cans of Bundy Rum will do it!!
But if your just talking like tipsy then about 12 cans.
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I've been drinking long enough that when I am technically over the limit, I am still cogent. After 7 beers in 2 hours, or the tequilla is out it's all over though.
i can get drunk off of only a few beers or a small amount of vodka.
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Using the calculator

about 25 units of 5% beer
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