So my mum had a leaflet about concerts in a city near where I live and I saw that Gojira, my favourite French band (Death metal, if you really want to know) had been doing a concert there a week before. This was my first "Aw ****, I missed 'em" moment. Then, another week later (this morning) I re-looked at the leaflet and saw that a couple of days after I first read it, Sly the Mic Buddha (my favourite French beatboxer) did a concert in the same place, and since I hadn't been bothered to read the full leaflet, I didn't see it until too late.

tl;dr: Missed my favourite French band and my favourite French beatboxer in the same week.


You guys missed any bands or something that you only found out about afterwards?
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I missed out a Sounds of the Underground tour in 07, had a ticket, but my ride fell through
i usually keep track of my favorite bands.
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That sucks that you had to surrender seeing those performers, but you know, that's what the French are good at.
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I missed Heavy MTL last year. I was supposed to go with my cousin, but he went camping for his birthday. At the time, Maiden was my absolute favorite band, and they were headlining the first day. God, i wish i had been there.
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Missed flogging molly a few years ago after traveling to edinburgh (a long way from home) and leaving my ticket in my wallet at home.
Also missed Amen (no big loss) a few years ago because i just forgot to go.
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I guess i'll just have to tolerate your witty insults.

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