I recently decided that I'm lacking a bit in the br00talz department, and I've been searching for a high-gain pedal, as my amp does everything well up to about van halen. I already have a distortion+ type pedal and an ocd-style overdrive, but no high gain pedal. I decided that, given a lack of decent sounding lower-priced options, I'm possibly going to build my own.
I've looked at the tonepad and ggg stuff, but nothing seems to be what I'm looking for. Ideally, I'd build a dr. boogie, but I don't have the expertise to build one off the schematic, and there aren't any good perfboard layouts available, and I can't find a pcb for it.

Does anyone have a full tonepad style layout/partslist for:
the dr. boogie
the shredmaster
Ibanez sd9
distortus maximus
any other non-fuzz high gain pedal.
And if the layout is pcb, I'll need to be able to buy one, not make it myself.
I can do perfboard though.

If I can't find anything, I'll probably end up buying a pocket metal muff, so you can understand my search for an alternative. However, if anyone out there wants to throw in a positive review, I'm definitely still open to buying this one.

Alternatively, any other recomendations of good, cheap, heavy distortion pedal?
Any opinions on doing the wampler modern/jcm mods on a cheap ds1?
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How 'bout a rat clone? I know I've heard that metallica used them on kill 'em all, but how do they sound for heavier stuff. All the demos I've seen are pretty mid/low gain on the knobs. How do they sound with distortion cranked?
Rats are very high gain, and a Big Muff can be too. You could always mod a Muff to add in the mids and make it sound a bit more like a distortion pedal.
I would do a Rat clone for high gain. A Big Muff wouldn't be good for metal, 'specially not any sort of rhythmic 'chug' tone.

Click me.

The Rat schem will under the Dist. column.
I think I'm going to buy the pocket metal muff. My current distortion is too similar to the rat for me to use it very much at only the high gain sounds, which imo don't sound that great anyway. I really just need the very high gain sounds, as my current "rig" does everything up to there well.

Maybe later I'll build a rat or muff.
Check out the Line 6 Uber metal.

I've done a couple reviews of it on youtube, just search my name (deftonesordie) and you'll find it.