I'm pretty decent for a beginner, I have been self taught for about 8 months, and I've learned quite a few songs.Now I just cant seem to think of anything to learn.I like to learn riffs and parts of songs, unless they are easy enough.Some stuff i know is:
One, up into the second(closing)solo
Crazy Train (up to about 1/4 of the solo, cant seem to get it to sound right
the trooper(all but solo
Sunshine of your love(all but solo
The Hell song
fade to black intro(not solo)
nothing else matters solo
Sweet child main riff and solo
some of the sound of truth
the main riff of unchained
main riff of crazy on you
some of mother-danzig
some of you rly got me
some of eye of the tiger
enter sandman
some of farewell ballad
and a few more riffs I can remeber.
I like pretty much all forms of rock and Light metal
Please reccomend me a song!
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Try some Necrophagist. Obviously not at full speed, start out at 25%, then move on to 50% and so on. A good song to try is the intro to Stabwound, or Extreme Unction. Crazy good exercise, and at the same time it sounds pretty decent.
Enter Sandman is fairly easy so you can finish it quick.
You've been playing for 8 months, and you have all that gear? How?

Sounds like you have a good basis of songs down, reminds me of me. Id suggest songs that will challenge you. Firstly, carry on playing those songs your doing, but work on the stuff that is hardest for you (which sounds like the solo's). Play slowly n ****.

And whilst your doing that, challenging songs can be well fun to play. As soon as it starts to sound like the actual song anyway :P

So try Canon rock - Jerry c
Altitudes - jason becker (great phrasing in this one, lots of bends and palm muting)
Damage control - john petrucci
Im alright - Jerry c

Id check some youtube video's of other cover's done. Also, check the inermediate/advanced thread in Tabs.
Why don't you actually try and complete some fo those songs instead??