Hey yeah, I'm planning on getting either a Gibson Les Paul Studio or a Fender Mex Tele, and I'm wondering what things should I lookout for when buying and testing them out. I know tone is one thing but jsut to get that obvious part out. I want to know if theres any specific things that i should check before making hte choice and buying it.

EDIT: Forgot to mention this..I've been playing for almsot 3 years xD currently owning a Squier Fat Strat. Sorry if i forgot that
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Well if you haven't played guitar before then I'd recommend taking a buddy with you that has been playing for a while that way you won't walk out of the store with a piece of junk. Let him show you some that he thinks are worthwhile, and then you should play them and figure out which one you like the best.
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Make sure that the neck feels comfortable to you, and you can get around the fretboard.
Are there any sharp edges on the frets?
Is the neck straight?
Any blemishes on the finish?
Is it too heavy for you to play standing up w/ a strap?
these are just some basic things to think about-there's plenty more.
Don't go into guitar shopping with any pre-conceived notions of any sort. Be completely open to anything and everything. Ultimately, you want to pick something that is very comfortable to play and use, and is able to get the type of sounds you want out of it.


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Read the stickies in the EG forum. They'll tell you all about what to look for.
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first electric? dont buy anything crazy expensive

also feel everything ; knobs are working and not lose, neck fits in your hands, thee parts were the wood is glue toguether are smood and you dont feel anything going from one wood to a nother, fret wire arnt going to cut your hands, fret inlays feel as one with the neck and not bumps or holes, neck strait, no buzzing, no lose jack, make sure the guitar dont rattle when u shake it.... hope im not missing anything, this is the prosses i go thru when shopping.

sorry for the grammar i just type this with a cellphone

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eh, i know how this sounds, but honestly id take a look at some amps first. my squier affinity strat is great, i dont know about you, but yeah...

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