To me the cutaway seems ugly and just visually unattractive. Beside the Seagull entourage are there any other acoustic electrics without a cutaway in the current market?

I'm guessing the future market will make some more of these acoustic electrics without a cutaway for buyers like me... a minority of somewhat.. so be it

There is the Epiphone Masterbuilt DR500ME as discussed with captivate.. but that is $920 CAD + now with the inflated currency rate.

Any knowledgeable guitar ppls here who can help? Danke
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It has bad reviews, but reviews mean little to me.....Of course, that's exactly what I am giving

Lots of people don't like laminate Martins, but I like the tone better, even compared to brands in the same price that are solid wood. A solid top doesn't make up for poor volume and weak bass, to me anyways...

EDIT this is a better buy, solid top, and pretty close to your price range. $650
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You might look into the secondhand market. You could probably find something nice there