So I have realized that I have come across an MTV Unplugged Guitar Pick with the signature EC on the back. After having my good friend look at it he was positive that was from the one time Eric Clapton played on MTV unplugged. The side other then the EC has MTV Unplugged on it. Just curious to maybe see how much something like is worth or should I keep it. I am not a complete guitar enthusiast so having that in someone else hands might not be a bad thing. Just seeing what everyone thinks
It may just be a replica pick thrown in with a CD. I know Clapton does this. I have a bunch of EC signature picks from a couple of his late 90s albums.

But, if it's original, just keep it, I guess. I couldn't see how it would be original...why would Clapton make picks specifically for the MTV Unplugged show?
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Is it written in marker or printed on it? I'm finding it hard to believer it's real.

EDIT: Does it look like this, but with MTV Unplugged on the other side?

Also, take pics of it and upload it.

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