"Improved Channel 1 & 2 now features CLEAN and FAT from our acclaimed LoneStar® - our best clean ever - along with incredible new TWEED and BRIT modes. These two channels alone make a mighty amplifier.
All New, All-Tube Reverb also from the LoneStar® is deeper, more lush and ambient and sticks tighter to the notes. Reverb control now rides in each Channel Strip.
Improved Effects Loops are both Series for seamless interfacing of processing."

The first words on Mesa's Road King page.
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The Roadking I had a better gain channel. Little smoother on the leads, and a little darker rhythm channel. Not to mention the I's had a triode/pentode selector for the EL34s.

The cleans on the II are about the same tone. They are a good deal louder and bassier.

Personally, I'd go with a II because the cleans are that much easier to use.
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I have to agree with the LoneStar having the best cleans ever - they truly are magnificent.