im thinking
solid state coz im not spending over £270
50 watts + foot switching is a bonus
and decent effects
my list is as follows

PEAVY VYPYR 75 has an amazing array of effects
peavy windsor combo looks a bit to quiet to me

RANDAL RX 75 R combo dosent look like it has too many effects

roland cube 60

hughes n kettner combos look good
Quote by stuartstratford

solid state coz im not spending over £270

theres tons of great tube amps for that price
what genres do you play, how much gigging are you gonna do?
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With such a wide variety of genres and your desire for effects I'd personally go for either the Peavey Vypyr, Vox VT30 or Line 6 Flextone III if you go used. You definitely won't get a versatile tube amp, new, for that budget and you'd be hard pressed to find one that versatile used.

If you can, check out the Laney VC50 or LC50... should do most of what you want, but keep in mind they're both tube amps.
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