So, I'm trying to start getting into playing a bit of Melodic Death Metal, and was wondering where to start at, like scales, different techniques, tunings and stuff, trying to play in the "style" of The Black Dahlia Murder (people have different opinions on whether their melodeath or not, but its what I'd class it as). Any ideas on the aforementioned bits and pieces would be wonderful, as I have no idea where to start ha ha.

learn the phrygian mode and harmonic minor scales and get good at speed / tremelo picking
Scales don't necessarily make a genre though. Read into stuff like CoB or (depending) In Flames. See what they use. I know Alexi for a fact uses alot of Modes, but you could use only major and minor and make the br00talzist song ever, its all HOW you play, not WHAT you play.

For the most part.

Please use tags for tabs....