I'm going to see The Flatliner, The Expendables, and Less than Jake tomorrow at the theater of living arts. What i don't understand is it looks like there are seats, and i can't imagine having seats in my way at a concert where i plan to do a large amount of moving. Are these seats fixed into the ground? Do you have to move around them? Is there ever pits at the TLA? Someone please explain this venue to me....
If the seats are fixed to the ground then just set 'em on fire. Fun times for all who don't own the building!
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if theyre stuck to the floor just break em. or as cowswithguns(awesome vid) said, burn em
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TLA usually doesnt use seats for rock shows. the website is misleading. Pits happen if the crowd is decent..actually had a good Circle Pit going for a song or two when I went last.
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