so i got my Palatino upright bass on wednsday, i LOVED it, it was awesome, fun to play, great in schools jazz band, and a generally amazing instrument. then today, as i tuned the G string, THE FRICKEN PIECE OF CRAP BRIDGE BLEW UP INTO TWO PIECES. My mom emailed the dude who sold it to us and asked if we could get a replacement, or we may have to talk to the company, but its friday. i have a concert im supposed to have it at on MONDAY. nobodys working at that company on a friday.....

what do i do? i was thinking there is a local music shop i havent been to but i could check if they have an upright bridge...
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note to self: avoid palatino upright basses

anyway theres not really much you can do apart from hope that your local shop carries the replacement bridge
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If your bridge blew up and the strings are flopping in the breeze, chances are your sound post has fallen and will need to be reset. Take it to a qualified luthier.
Luthier link...

If a loaner isn't available for Monday's gig, your electric rig will have to do.
So how did your bridge break exactly? Was it because you OCTIVED the G?

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If you can't find one local, try these folks tomorrow

Thomas Musical Instruments
Toll Free: 1-888-923-8822

They do ship out of the area and do full service repairs on uprights and maybe able to ship you a bridge overnight to arrive on Monday.
i didnt tune it to high, i didnt octave it, idk it might have to do with the bridge being made of BALSA WOOD...the dude on ebay is gunna send me a new one overnight for free and im gunna go on ebay and buy a real upright wooden one, strong enough to hold the strings
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For cryin' out loud! Why on earth would you want a second POS bridge from the same ebay seller? And I would've said, "or any other ebay seller", except I looked and saw that Upton and Bob Gullihur (+few others) sell on the bay as well.

Bottom line is a bridge has to be custom fitted to the bass. It's not a "one size fits all" type thing. It has to be just the right height to reflect neck angle. The feet need to be shaped to the contour of the top. It needs to be notched for the strings. And in your case, like mentioned above, your sound post is probably down and needs to be reset. This requires special tools.
Even if the post hasn't fallen completely, if it's askew and just barely standing, you'll see your top cave in if you try to install an off the rack bridge and it slips out.

Do yourself a big favor, take the bass to a reputable luthier. Have him fit a new bridge and give the bass a good set up.