This is a song I wrote about a year ago just looking for any sort of criticism you can offer. Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum this is my first post so let me know if this should be somewhere else Thank You.

The music to it is a progressive rock funk chord progression in Bm with a moderately slow 4/4 tempo.

And the truth is
Well the truth will never ever really come out
So don't listen to the others
Cause how the hell did they even find out?

There's a time, and there's a place
Change perspectives, look around, and stop your race

Stop! Slow Down
Take the time to see the beauty and hear the sounds
Its flying by (you got to high)
There wont always be more time

So when asked
To dismiss
Take a step back and look at everything your gonna miss
Now its up to you, it came down to this
Just make sure you get you're one last kiss


And everything you enjoy
Well that is the noise
Its every bit worth fighting for
So take all your plans
Take em hand in hand
Make sure you're going where you land