My uncle's a painter so I was going to ask him to paint my guitar and design my fretboard. Are there any cons in painting your guitar and what paint is best to use? I'd appreciate answers.

That is the guitar I wish to paint.
no, all the best people paint/ed thier guitars eg. Eric Clapton (sort of) Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, the list goes on.

the above list DOES NOT state that painting your guitar will make you better.

All i know about paint is that Hendrix used nailpolish
Painted my Squier Strat, I think it looks alright, just use some gloss on it. Check on my profile if your that interested
Mhm, I'm only young [14] by the way. I'm sure my uncle will know what He's doing. So painting it does not ruin the sound of your guitar? Presuming He doesn't somehow screw it up?
Coloured stuff?

It's a Sunburst paintjob? It's actually alot better than it looks in the picture. The flash must of screwed up the texture on the picture.
I dunno, I feel that removing that burst finish is pretty meh. Especially if it's going to be colored solid.

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