im sure you guys are gettin pretty sick of me and my amp search but im back again

my budget is about $600-$800. Dont want used. i play blues (SRV, Clapton) Blues/Rock (Bonamassa) and classic rock (Deep Purple, ZZTop, Led,Cream) type stuff. So the amp has to be versatile enough to cover all those and do them well.

what i want:
tube amp 20-50 Watts
great cleans (Fender or Vox)
OD channel with some balls
Reverb would be nice

What I have narrowed it down to:
Vox AC50CP2 (1)
Traynor YCV50Blue (2)
Fender Deluxe VM (3)

At the moment im leaning toward the vox...
The peaveys' (Delta blues and Classic30/50) didn't have the clean channel i was looking for

I've read around here that you guys really dont like that Vox but it seems to have the all features that i want. So i was hoping you guys could either tell me which one of those is best or recommend me something new (not the usual BJr, HRD stuff)
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Vox AC30CC is on sale I hear at Best Buy at around the $800 mark which is a steal.

How far away are you from NY city?

I would also consider a Peavey Classic 30 but it won't be fendery. Getting fender cleans and good crunch is the trick.

Check craigslist?

Edit: Sorry, I missed the part about only wanting to buy new gear.
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depends on whats more important to you
if i were going for cleans i would get the fender hands down
for OD i'd get the vox
but if i had to pick just one i'd go for the vox
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