Hey guys,

i'm retubing my amp soon and I need a quad of EL34's. My local store can sell me 4 Groove Tube Mullard Reissue EL34's for 95 dollars, or I can get the JJ EL34's for about 105.

I thought Mullards were supposed to be better than most tube brands? Do you guys have an opinion of these tubes? I've got JJ's in there already but I'm curious to try a different brand and wondering if I should try the Groove Tubes.
I'm not a tube expert so bump for ya.

My basic knowledge tells me Mullard > JJs > Grove Tubes.

I'm pretty sure Grove Tube doesn't make their own tubes so if Mullard makes that particular set you are looking at and they are rebranded by GT then maybe

*runs to find darkarbiter7*
Well considering you can buy actual Mullard branded reissues for $80 a quartet from Doug's Tubes, I'd say no...

Especially since JJs are cheaper at $70 a quartet...
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I wouldn't go for groove tubes if you have the chance to go for JJs.
JJ makes superb power tubes. But if you wanted to try out a different tone, try out Tungsols, which are a bit brighter than JJs.

I'd also look for a quad of EL34s online. Prices are usually a lot better.
See this: http://store.triodestore.com/jj-el34-mq.html
Great store. I scored an old telefunken 12AX7 off of them for a great price.
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