I just got home after buying a new guitar, all ready for modding. Its a Squier Affinity SSS Strat, and it feels great. The only problem that I just noticed after playing for about an hour here, is that the signal is very weak on this guitar. All the amps at the store were more clean/light distortion amps, so i didn't notice, but this guitar can't get a good distorted sound. It almost sounds as if the volume knob is perminately at 2. When using my Toneport and Gearbox, even with the most powerful amps at the highest gain settings with a maxed tube screamer can only get a classic rock tone. The other thing is that when plugged into a tuner, the high e string doesn't even register. I'm guessing I just have to re-solder the connections?
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check the pickup height before you open the guitar.
If the pickups are too far away from the strings, the signal will be weak.
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how much is too far away exactly? they are raised about the average height i guess, they are almost raised as much as the pups on my fender strat (if not slightly higher)
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Could be a bad jack. Or even bad volume pot. Replace the jack with a known working one and see. If it's not the case, do the same with the volume pot. Congrats on the purchase, btw. What are your plans for it?
Okay, ill look into it more soon, thanks. I plan on scalloping the frets from 12-19 and maybe chaning a pickup or too when i get the signal sorted out. In terms of body customizing, i want to do a metallic look using some aluminum foil and some chrome sticker (hopefully somewhat similar to this picture: http://www.espguitars.co.jp/artist/sugizo/s1mm.jpg) Hopefully this will be a fun march break.

EDIT: btw, when im looking at the jack and volume pots, what exactly should i be looking for? Just the wires not being soldered together properly?
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