Hey guys, just a quick question that I was wondering if anyone had any insight on. I was playing the standard acoustic/electric black martin (00CXAE) and was impressed with its sound un-plugged and plugged. However after researching, I am quite disappointed to find that it is made entirely out of laminate woods. I was simply wondering why. If you can buy the same guitar in natural finish for the same price, with a solid top. Why is the black martin ENTIRELY laminate?!! Is it because of the finish?! It just irks, me, I'd really like to know!

Thanks in advance guys. Its bugging the crap outta me.
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Martin is pretty experimental in searching for new ways of construction. Eco-friendly is how they advertise it. The Martin in my profile looks like its made of formica. Ugly, but essentially scratch proof, and sounds great.

I played one like you are talking about at the GC in Greensboro NC last week. It was broken pretty badly. A large chunk was missing from the top along the edge, on the left side as facing. The top had pulled away from the sides pretty much all the way around the lower bout.

It still sounded better than this: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Takamine-EF508KC-NEX-All-Koa-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar-104393129-i1170485.gc

I know its yet another post with me singing the praises of Martin, but virtually every guitar I have ever played (i've owned hundreds), one person can play a Martin and another can play another brand, if they both hit the strings with the same force the Martin will be much louder. The only brand besides Martin that seems to consistently produce guitars with any bass at all is Gibson, and they are just too bass heavy for me. Martin is a perfect balance, imo.

But, alas, I seem to be the only one who likes low-end Martins, so...
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But seriously, if the laminate one sounds good to you then does it really matter? Alot of companies do choose to charge more for "finished" guitars. Im sure the reason its priced the same as the non-laminate one is that the lack of price for actual build, to them, is made up by the finish on it? I mean that sounds like a good reason to me. And that is aside from the fact that you're paying out the ass for a name on the headstock...