you see what he does when he plays with the EQ?
he's scooping it
second I'd describe as fizzy, but with a tight low end
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First one is a scooped 5150 sound IMO. Not nearly as bad as most other scooped tones.
The second, I'm not likin it at all. Sounds pretty processed and much more of a scooped tone. Not liking the compression on it tbh.
THe last one has mids on colse to Zero and probably on the rhythm switch on his guitar. He also has Dime distortion (Dimebag [RIP] Used low mids so yeah)

The first one is likely what you discribed
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The first was pretty good, although I liked it more before 0:12, when he did those EQ tweaks.

The other one sounded crummy though. Too compressed+scooped.
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Sounds like you want a uber scooped, uber compressed tone.
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sorry, but english isn't my main language... what would be "scooped"?
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sorry, but english isn't my main language... what would be "scooped"?

"scooped" mids means really low mids or turning the mids down very low
The second sounded like my line 6 spider.
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The first one sounds pretty good for a video camera recording.

The second one sounded like a Fender Frontman.
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