Well, I was in the process of looking for a new amp (was hoping tube), when I was offered a deal: One of the employees was selling a old used Marshall AVT50, and if I wanted it, I could have it for $200. (its a steal) Now, I was allowed to bring it home to make sure I liked it before I bought it (family friend runs store) and now I've come down to this.

I like the amp (it's an improvement over my 30W Spider III) it has better tonal qualities and I think its probably a bit louder. My question is should I buy it and run the risk of it not being what I hoped (it took me about a month to realize how much I really hated my Spider) or wait and maybe get an all tube combo (Peavey Valveking, Fender Hot Rod)?

This is more of a "might this last as a long term amp?" than a "is it good or not", because right now I like it, but I'm hoping it'll stay that way for a while. In the event that I start to lose my liking for it, is there anything I could do to prolong my use of it in the event that I do get it? (pedals like an EQ or OD/Dist)
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as with anything, whether it's a musical instrument or piece of equipment or what, there's always a way to prolong its use and your liking it. since you say you like it now, i would say for $200 buy it.
no dont buy it.

its a complete crap amp compared to others for the same price.

my friend has one, and although it dosent sound digital, i rather have my digital sounding micro cube.

i practice with some guy so play them both for practice and the micro cube is definately better.

so i say look into the roland cube series much better, or the vypyrs wich are really great as well.
they'r really iffy, even though i dont hate the tone as much as some do. for 200 just get a vypyr 30 and be done with it (assuming you play higher gain styles)

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^even then its still a much better amp.

the cleans are blah, and the distortion sounds terrible unless you scoop it, and then it sounds slighty less shrill and tons darker.

just get a vypyr.
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I'd only consider buying a new amp if its all tube. I already have a modelling amp (I've compared it to the microcube and the microcube sounds much muddier) So pretty much its a no go? I'd rather get an all-tube amp (even if the OD sucks) and just run a distortion pedal through it rather than buy another modelling amp...
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Just save up more money and get a good tube amp and overdrive pedal. You will eventually get tired of that amp whether it takes a month or a a year and then the next good improvement will make you mad you got the amp.
my major turn off for the AVT series was the acoustic simulator. it's like a modelling amp without the fun stuff. you'd be better off with a valve king, classic 30, or hot rod deluxe, although the gain on the latter isn't too great.
This is an older one with no added channels or effects (save reverb). But it still sounds too similar to my Spider I think to warrant buying it. I'll try and look at some VKs tomorrow, but I tried the HRD (I can probably get it for about $450) and thought that the distorion sounded okay. I'm sure hoping I'll find something...
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