I'm probably goin to trade in my Fender Strat (American) at the Guitar Center. They're having a special this week and i wanna get a Schecter to play my hard rock and metal music. How much can i expect to get outta my Fender b.c i wanna get a Schecter without spending much money, if any at all.

It's in good condition and only a year or 2 old
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they'll rip you off...
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maybe $800 tops but i don't have much experience with this stuff
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Any suggestions?
Craigslist, you set the price. GC WILL rip you off. If you HAVE to sell it to a store, go to a used guitar shop or a custom place like that. Usually the guys who work at those places are working class musicians who'll get you a fair price (cause usually when you leave they'll plug it in and play it