does a post looking for an over the interwebs song writing partner go?
Classifieds or Musician Talk or Original Recordings?
I want Super Saiyan abilities
yes i have. and i've never had to do this
you could be helpful instead of being a dick
I want Super Saiyan abilities

Classifieds would be the most appropriate place. You could put it in your sig, too. Or just a link to your thread in Classifieds.

As far as that other guy, please don't throw insults back. It sets a bad tone in the forum.
Next time, just report him for spam.

... like I just did.
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I release my inner liberal every morning when I take a shit.
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I wont be like those jerks who dedicate their beliefs to logic and reaosn.

I think your constant *reporting* and considering half of UG as spammers (as if this guy is) is pretty lame, I believe you are compensating for a small penis irl...?

Or maybe that window to brighten up your basement...?
Maybe you're both d-bags for taking this site so seriously.
I just asked for a point in the proper direction...
I want Super Saiyan abilities
To Saf1 and rebelmidget.

SYK has every right and reason to take things seriously. Let's say a big group of people from your area meet up every night, and you are there most nights, if not every night for just a little while. Naturally, because you are there so often you would like to ensure that these gatherings are fun and friendly, and you want to encourage newcomers to come to the meeting and have fun. But you start to notice that a few people in the meeting, are starting to act like prats. They are being uneccessarily unkind to new people, they are annoying the meeting by interrupting everyone's conversations by shouting stupid random things. If you could, would you try and get them to stop doing this?

The only difference between the scenario i made up above and UG, is that the gatherings take place over the internet, and are exponentially larger and ever growing. But still people do come here most if not every night. People have made friends on this website, people spend a large amount of their free time on this website, so its natural for them to try and curb those that try and ruin the experience for them.

I dont understand why people think that because something is on the internet, that it shouldn't be taken seriously. Is it because of the anonymity? Becasue if anything these people are the 'sad' ones, the ones who get their fun by0 ruining others just because they can get away with it....
Once again, too seriously.
I get that this needs the remain a friendly and inviting environment, but when I ask a simple question and get a jerk response you can't think it's normal for me to just smile and say thanks.
UG is more of a resource or a tool than it is a social networking site (excluding the pit).
When I ask dictionary.com how to spell a word I don't get any snippy remarks.
I want Super Saiyan abilities
The only jerk response you have gotten so far is from scumbag1972. We arent asking you to smile and say thanks to him. And then SYK came in and gave you the advice you were looking for. I just wanted to explain why some of us take things seriously here at UG to you and saf1(my apologies if you think that came off as a jerk response it really wasnt meant to.

UG may be used more frequently as a resource, but it is certainly a large hub of social networking also. With well over a million users registered in the forums, its staggering to see the amount of people that are on a first name basis, and the profiles also make this networking easier and more fun.