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Peavey Vypyr Tube 60
13 87%
Line 6 Spider Valve
2 13%
Voters: 15.
These amps are clearly after the same market so I was wondering how they compared. Each seems to have it's advantages. The SV seems to be better built, more reliable, has an effects loop that is madly missing from the Vypyr and the floor pedal changes channel without any delay. Conversely, the Vypyr has more amp models to choose from, more effects and it is all more tweakable.

I've tried the SV and thought it was quite good. I'd buy one but I want an all in one solution and I suspect I'd have to spend a fortune on pedals to go with it. I can't try the Tube 60 until at least June here in the UK and I like the spec generally but I'm concerned that there is no effects loop for future development of my tone and the reliability is a major concern as it appears to be extremely fragile.

Anyone got experience of both?
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