have a Squire Duo Sonic that has stock Lace style single coils. I was thinking about replacing them with Lace Red Dually Humbuckers. Does anybody know anything better? I play Grunge, Classic Rock, and Hard Rock (A7X)
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Try some Dimarzios or EMGs

great response there mate, there's only i don't know about 50 humbuckers from them and with each of them different to the next one.

anyway ts there's a multitude of factors that will come to eventually finalize your tone. specifically amp and pickups and wood and playing style and effects etc. so for you to be able to get a somewhat decent answer you would need to include extra info about a) your amp b) your price range c) how many pickups you want changed.
I'm planning to get a Dimarzio Super Distortion in my HSS fender so i'd look into that if i were you I mean, if it's good enough for maiden, who are we do complain?xD