my friend is looking into buying his first bass guitar [instrument in general]

i am a guitar player and am not quite familiar with many good and reliable bass guitars.
he's been looking at starter packs but i would like to persuade him to spend a lil more on some good gear.

so, can anyone tell me of any very affordable, reliable basses with good tone?
also any recommended bass amps good enough for small gigging? [think like.. 400ish people]
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Is that 200 USD, or 200 GBP, or Yen, or what? If it's USD, he's nit likely to find anything that will work in the 400 person gig range, especially not with an amp.

Many of the regulars recommend Ibanez, they have starter packs and cheap basses that are of above average quality, as well as Squire, but the decent basses are gonna run really close to $200 by themselves.
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how about 400? [yes USD]

he plans on getting a job and a good month of work will get him there.

i was looking at the ibanez sr series which seems very promising.

possibly ibanez bass and crate amp combination?
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Personally I'd recommend a Yamaha RBX374. Looks and sounds the bizness and feels realy good. It was my first Bass too so I should know.
You could spend £5000 on a ltd edition USA Fender.
But it'll still look like a £100 Squier strat.

Jackson - great looks, no matter the cost