The ESP on the 12th fret?I mean I love these guitars they look great, they sound great, and they'd do EVERYTHING i want, but that little ESP pisses me off a little. Maybe I'm just looking at VERY bad quality photos, but they look poorly etched into the fret to me. Anyone got pictures of the 12th fret to prove me wrong so I can be happy with it?It's not so much that it says ESP just that it looks poorly etched to me. Can Anybody help?
You say they look great.....sound great.........and do everything....... but you've never played one???
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to get one of those i think you gotta do a custom shop order which is NOT worth it as all you're looking for is a blank 12th fret...

and it is not poorly etched ... esp's are a great work of art (heck i have an ltd truckster and the ltd etched in the 12th fret is perfect)

seriously no1's going to notice the esp on the 12th fret so who cares

if you refuse to buy it cause of that little cosmetic trait of the guitar, then go see a doctor or something :s
my LTD says Viper 400 perfectly across the 12th fret. i doubt an actual ESP would have a worse inlay job.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
i'll try and get some decent shots of it tonight but from what i can remember it is definately not a poorly done job.

sorry for the ****ty quality of photo my ancient camera doesn't lend it self to half decent shots.