I just got my esp back from my local shop, After having the stock pickup switched with an Seymour duncan blackout, And it doesn't produce much sound.

On full volume with distortion on all you get is a clean sound, that's very weak, and i've tested with different batteries, This is my first guitar with an active pickup in it, So any advice? I'm pretty frustrated, And am a noob with actives. Thanks.
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chances are there somes wires loose my friend.
are you volume knobs turned all the way up?
let me know how it sounds once you get it working, i have heard great things about the blackouts.
i would take it back, sounds like they didnt do it right.
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Alright guys, Thanks. Yeah, The volume knob is turned all the way up. I thought they messed up too, and .campbell., I'll let you know. I've been very excited to get it, And i am super bummed it doesn't work. Thanks again.
Out of strength to fight,
I cannot take another night.
I cannot take it no more.
dude that installed my first actives ****ed it up 3 times in a row b4 it was working. be careful who's doing it.
you know, ive owned 8 different guitars over my lifetime, and right now i have 3. i wanna know what the hell happened...i mean the picks and cables are understandable, they disappear into thin air all the time, but guitars?

Did they change the output jack and the pots, and ensure that the actives and passives are running on independent circuits?

If they didn't then no, it's not going to work - there's a reason it's generally advised not to bother trying to mix actives and passives.
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Way TS said it seems they just swapped the pickup and nothing else. So that would be the reason its not working good.