My HM strat is now 21 years old and a bit off.

Then again I also need a new speaker :S

It is going to cost me about $270 to have the guitar put through a plek.

Is it worth it? The guitar at the moment doesnt feel playable enough, I want it to feel alot lighter to the point I can shred as easy as other guitars.

Any recomendations?/experience here.
Plek is a waste of money. Its basicly a way for a company to make the excuse to say the guitar is setup without actually being set up.

Have a person do it, it will be cheaper and better in the end.

Of course you can always set it up yourself. Its not that hard. Just put enough relief in your neck so you can have your saddles reasonably low without buzzing and your set.
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There are a few frets on the guitar that have dents in them, about half a mm deep.

Thats why I was considering the PLEK, also in 88 they used Khaler Bridges which were made for a neck that was either 2 inches longer or shorter than the guitars actual neck.

That change anything Or should I still go with the guy?