This is what I do, bascially just eat a **** load of vegetables (lots of broccoli), drink milk, and eat plenty of fruits like oranges and apples. In the past, I didn't do anything til the point where it hurt so bad I had to literally pour salt on it (which hurt like hell). But yea, what do you guys do when you get annoying canker sores in your mouths?
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You're spelling it wrong it's "canker sores"
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I hate cancer sores, they're the worst ever. Especially when you get them in BOTH of your mouths.

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Cancer sores.....................I don't think that is what you mean.
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I do not have anything to contribute because I do not have cancer. Sorry, TS.
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nice discovery, sir.

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I do not have anything to contribute because I do not have cancer. Sorry, TS.

Pfft. Rub it in our faces, why don't ya?

i totally read this as cancer stores. I'm drunk, so that probably explains it. Good day sir.
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i accidentally a cancer sore once, i had to go to the hospital

I accidentally a whole bottle of coca cola

+200 to awesome for your reference
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usually I just brush my teeth more often use more mouth wash drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruit
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I don't eat many vegetables or anything healthy for that matter. I don't get canker sores.